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The banks fight back: Customers locked in and arrested after attempting to close their accounts in Occupy Wall Street protests

Citibank and Bank of America customers 'denied requests to close accounts'
Comes amid anger after banks unveiled plans to hike fees for their services
Occupy Wall Street celebrates one-month anniversary & plans new protests

Banks across America appear to be fighting the growing protest against income disparity and rising fees as the Occupy Wall Street movement spreads worldwide.

A series of videos filmed across the U.S. in New York City; Santa Cruz, California and St Louis, Missouri, show customers staging protests and mass account closures.

However, footage has emerged showing what appears to be dozens of Citibank and Bank of America customers denied requests to close their accounts, some even being arrested after alleged clashes with branch managers.

Arrested: Video footage shows a woman being detained outside of a Citibank branch in Manhattan after she attempts to enter with her chequebook in hand

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