Author Topic: State-Run Media Finally Realizes Moderates Have Rejected Obama  (Read 800 times)

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State-Run Media Finally Realizes Moderates Have Rejected Obama
« on: September 21, 2011, 05:53:20 PM »
State-Run Media Finally Realizes Moderates Have Rejected Obama
September 21, 2011


RUSH: There's a story in The Politico today, folks. Speaking of warfare, there are rumblings in the media and throughout the rest of the Democrat Party that Obama's class warfare rhetoric is starting to lose him the precious independents vote. I have a story here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers that The Politico is running an article that says "Obama Sparks Middle of Road Rage."

Now, remember, the conventional wisdom is that the moderates and the great independents dislike any form of confrontation or conflict. They don't like criticism. Not of themselves, but of Democrats. We have been told for as long as I've been hosting this program that independents, if you start criticizing Democrats -- it doesn't matter where! "They could be president, members of House, Senate, dogcatcher, wherever. You criticize Democrats and the moderates gonna put their foot down and they're gonna run right back to the Democrat Party because they don't want to hear any of that," and I've always asked myself, "Who put this thought out there?" because the Democrat Party, particularly as it's constituted today is the biggest collection of extreme, mean-spirited, violent rhetoric that you'll find in politics today.

I've always found it strange that the independents -- say if John Boehner were to be critical of Obama -- would say, "Okay! That's it! We knew it! We've had it with you Republicans. To hell with you! We're going back to the Democrats," where we're treated daily with the rackets of people like Barney Frank and Maxine Waters who tell us to go to hell and worse. I, frankly, have never bought it, but our side has. The Republicans have lived it, because whoever tells 'em this, political consultants, pollsters, whatever, have always told them (whispering), "Don't be critical of Obama! Don't criticize him! (sucking in air)

"You're just gonna lose the independents, and of course that's where every election's won is the independents -- and I, the consultant, am the only guy who can tell you how to get those people to vote for you and you can't do it by constantly criticizing Democrats. "You just can't do it." So now, no less than Politico: "The moderate elite isn't, by definition, an angry bunch, but President Barack Obama's pivot from calibrated centrism to soak-the-rich liberal populism has tapped a vein of middle-of-the-road rage and centrist angst. Over the past two weeks, Obama has convincingly channeled FDR, winning over suspicious liberals, even if many suspect he will eventually return to his old, compromising ways.

"Yet to a small, but influential cadre of moderates, it's political apostasy -- an Obama-led return to the bad old days of the 1970s and 1980s, when tax-hiking liberals drove the Democratic Party to the powerless margins of politics. ... 'President Obama is basically tearing apart his own coalition,' said Mark Penn, former top strategist for Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign and a pollster for President Bill Clinton ... Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), one of the few remaining conservative Democrats left in Congress after the winnowing 2010 midterms, has urged Obama to stick with the anti-deficit crusade he embarked upon after last November's defeat," and then, of course, David Brooks. We didn't spend a lot of time in detail on this because frankly it was embarrassing. I imagine the pain and suffering Mr. Brooks endured writing that column on Tuesday in the New York Times wherein he admitted that he was a "sap."

He must have called himself a "sap" 20 times in this piece for believing all of this talk that Obama was some great moderate. Now, remember, Brooks is the house "conservative," quote, unquote, at the New York Times. He describes himself as a centrist and a moderate, and that's what he was convinced -- after seeing the crease in Obama's slacks and after having dinner with him at George Will's house, he was convinced -- that Obama was a moderate. And now he sees that he was a sap. And now moderate elites and independents everywhere are upset. Politico, can I help you guys out? You haven't noticed?

I guess you didn't notice that the independents abandoned Obama as far back as November 2010 in the midterm elections? Obama hasn't had these independents for onto a year now, and nothing he's doing is going to get them back. He's in danger of losing his base. That's why he has to assume positions and speak the rhetoric that he truly believes. We've gotten the real Obama the last seven days. That's who he really is and that's what his regime's agenda has really always been. Now all of a sudden the smartest people in the room -- the Wizards of Smart, all these great conservative intelligentsia types, professed moderates -- now they say they see the truth. Now they say that it's all coming into focus.

Had they just listened to me back on January 16th of 2009, a week before Obama was immaculated, that's the day that history will forever show that there was one man standing -- me -- who said, "I hope he fails." Nobody in the conservative movement or in the Republican Party was willing to utter even a syllable of criticism of Obama -- and even now there is reluctance to. I had great e-mail, I told you, from a friend of mine toward the end of the program yesterday. I get the question, I have gotten the question every day for the past 23 years: "Why do the Republicans do X? Why don't the Republicans do X?" and the answer I think, in this e-mail, is pretty simple. I think the Republicans in Washington still look at the mainstream media as the primary vehicle to get their message out.

They still see that they gotta go through the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, Sunday morning shows, traditional (and now marginalized) mainstream media. They do not use to their full advantage the New Media: Conservative media, talk radio, blogs, you name it. There's a whole bunch of different places they go to go to get coverage of what they want and what they believe and what their objectives and agenda happen to be. But they are still mired in this motion that they've gotta go through Bob Schieffer first, or David Gregory, or whoever happens to be hosting This Week any given Sunday. Or CNN, you name it. Maybe get a good profile in the Washington Post Style section.


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