Author Topic: Joe Biden: ‘Compromise Is Inevitable’ on Infrastructure Bill  (Read 127 times)

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Joe Biden: ‘Compromise Is Inevitable’ on Infrastructure Bill

Joshua Caplan
7 Apr 2021

President Joe Biden opened the door Wednesday for possible changes to his $2.25 trillion “infrastructure” bill as even Senate Democrats have expressed concerns about its details.

“Debate is welcome,” the president remarked at the White House, according to the Washington Post, before adding: “Compromise is inevitable.”
Biden stated that he is “open to good ideas and good-faith negotiations,” though as the Post points out, the president has not yet shown a wiliness to lower on his planned corporate tax hike to 28 percent.

Biden unveiled his infrastructure bill last week, revealing the plan to be packed full of non-related spending with only approximately 25 percent of it funding basic infrastructure.

As Breitbart News reported:

Around $639 billion would be spent on traditional infrastructure, including $115 billion to revamp highways and roads, while just $25 billion would go toward fixing up airports. The bill sets aside $85 billion to modernize existing transit systems and $111 billion to replace lead pipes and service lines. Another $100 billion would be spent on building high-speed broadband systems and $100 billion for electric transmission infrastructure. Climate change projects, including development for electric vehicles and charging stations, would also receive billions in funding. The plan would see another $400 billion in spending on health care and $213 billion on affordable housing, along with research training, and development programs.

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