Author Topic: Heh: Georgia Republican Introduces 'Voter Suppression' Bill to Adopt Election Laws from Joe Biden's  (Read 187 times)

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Heh: Georgia Republican Introduces 'Voter Suppression' Bill to Adopt Election Laws from Joe Biden's Delaware
Guy Benson

Posted: Apr 07, 2021 10:25 AM

Superb trolling, if only to highlight the blithering, insulting idiocy of Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer's rhetoric about Georgia's new law.  If the president wants to tar Georgia's new status quo as worse than Jim Crow -- the White House is trying to distance Biden from Major League Baseball's All Star Game boycott, but he can't escape his role, having endorsed the idea on national television -- fine.  If the Senate Majority Leader wants to assail the freshly-enacted law as racist voter suppression, fine.  How would these two leading lights react to Georgia enacting election law provisions that are actively on the books in their respective blue states?  Schumer has been an elected official from New York since long before I was born.  Joe Biden was an elected official from Delaware for approximately two centuries.  And yet, their states' laws forbid no-excuse absentee voting and offer far less early voting than Georgia now permits, among other forms of alleged "suppression."  How can this abject bigotry stand?

    In recent days, President Biden called the new Georgia Election Integrity law un-American, sick, pernicious & Jim Crow on steroids. In light of this, today I am announcing my intentions to file legislation to address his concerns. The bill will be called “The President Joe Biden Jim Crow on Steroids Voting Act.” Since President Biden seems to be very concerned about our laws here in Georgia, this bill will make Georgia’s voting laws identical to those of his home state of Delaware. As a result, it will have 5 key features:

    1. Instead of having up to 19 days of early voting in Georgia, we will have ZERO days of early voting JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

    2. Instead of having no excuse absentee voting in Georgia, you will have to have the excuse of being sick or disabled to vote absentee JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

    3. Instead of having plenty of secure drop boxes in Georgia, there will be no drop boxes JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

    4. Instead of being able to get drink/food from a non-poll worker outside of the 150 foot buffer & drink from a poll worker within the barrier in Georgia, it will be illegal to receive anything of value while standing in line to vote JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

    5. Instead of being able to vote in relative quiet in Georgia, your name will be announced out loud (and your party affiliation during a primary) so that your vote can be challenged by anyone in the precinct JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

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