Author Topic: Watch: Biden Gets Inches from Woman’s Face and Tells Her to Social Distance  (Read 202 times)

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Watch: Biden Gets Inches from Woman’s Face and Tells Her to Social Distance
Isa Cox, The Western Journal By Isa Cox, The Western Journal
Published April 6, 2021 at 7:27pm

I need to be completely honest with you, dear reader. It’s actually getting difficult to sound original while critiquing President Joe Biden’s unrelentingly odd and muddled behavior.

Is this what leftists felt like for the last four years when critiquing former President Donald Trump? I mean, they did seem to run out of anything original to say about “the Orange Man” about five seconds into his presidency — let’s be real.

Of course, the difference between our two most recent heads of state in this regard reflects rather poorly on the current president, as opposed to the former.

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Crocktor Jill aside, any woman should find LIEden coming close to her alarming.
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He leans into people and gets in their face all the time.  It's despicable behavior, bullying little old ladies.  It didn't work out so well when he did it with union workers, but he tried.
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