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Equality Act – Is Not
« on: April 07, 2021, 07:58:54 AM »
The Post & Email 4/6/2021

Joe Courtney’s proposed legislation presents unprecedented risks

In the name of equality Joe Courtney has single handedly led an assault on young girls, at-risk mothers, religious institutions and on each and every voter from Groton to Vernon, from Connecticut to California. In a monumental gesture of over-reach, Representative Joe Courtney co-sponsored one of the most destructive and dangerous legislations in decades.

Representative Courtney wants to add ‘Gender Identity’ to the wording of the 2019 Equality Act legislation. Sounds benign, doesn’t it? Nobody wants to see discrimination against any group.

But here is what Americans are not being told. The current Equality Act, as co-sponsored by Joe Courtney, will destroy opportunities for young girls, create unsafe environments for homeless and abused Mothers and their daughters, diminish our parental rights, and force business owners and religious institutions to conform to government defined norms.

H.R.5 adds Gender Identity as a protected class and will compel athletic institutions – with sports ranging from girls softball and field hockey to track and field, from the youth level to high school to professional sports to allow biological males to compete, side by side, with young girls. Imagine a 220lb male on the Pomfret women’s field hockey team?