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‘Bottomless Pinocchio’: WaPo fact-checker calls out ‘recidivist’ Biden for repeating three false claims
April 3, 2021 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The Washington Post has labeled President Biden as a “recidivist” after he continues to repeat a trio of false claims that are “impervious to fact-checking.” One of those has earned the president four Pinocchios.

“It’s still relatively early in the Biden presidency, so patterns are hard to discern,” Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler wrote in a column on Friday. “But there are three claims President Biden has made that appear impervious to fact-checking, given that he’s already said them at least three times.”

Topping the list of whoppers is Biden’s claim that the number of Americans who have perished in the pandemic has exceeded the number of people killed in “World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined.” More than 500,000 people have officially died due to COVID-19 but that number is nowhere near the mortality totals of those wars.

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If an elderly Pinocchio has dementia, is he made of petrified wood?
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Al least he is being consistent. It is nice he can remember something long enough to repeat it three or four times.
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Now Pinocchio Biden's "No Vaccines Plan" lie, Biden's "No vaccines when I took office" lie ... yeah, Biden's going to force the WashPosts Pinocchios factory to expand and operate with shifts 'round the clock. If the WashPost can stand being that honest.
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Traitor Joe has always been and will continue to be a LIAR. Demonrat = lying hypocrite.