Author Topic: Conservatives Had Better Learn How To Start Saying “No!”  (Read 75 times)

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Conservatives Had Better Learn How To Start Saying “No!”
« on: April 04, 2021, 10:01:13 AM »
The Post & Email by Ron Ewart 4/4/2021

“Civil disobedience, as I put it to the audience, was not the problem, despite the warnings of some that it threatened social stability, that it led to anarchy. The greatest danger, I argued, was civil obedience, the submission of individual conscience to governmental authority. Such obedience led to the horrors we saw in totalitarian states, and in liberal states it led to the public’s acceptance of war whenever the so-called democratic government decided on it.  In such a world, the rule of law maintains things as they are. Therefore, to begin the process of change, to stop a war, to establish justice, it may be necessary to break the law, to commit acts of civil disobedience, as Southern blacks did, as antiwar protesters did.”    ― By Howard Zinn, from “You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train”

God knows government and special interests that have aligned with government have given millions of Americans many reasons to engage in civil disobedience.  In fact, civil disobedience is long past due.  Unfortunately, the passiveness of the American people seems to know no bounds and they will bow down to anything that government demands.  (See:  “Why On Earth Do Americans Put Up With It”)

From unnecessary lockdowns, to face masks, to the possibility of vaccine passports, to millions of laws, rules, regulations, restrictions, ordinances, rising gas prices, rising taxes, an exploding national debt that will trigger massive inflation, along with wide-open borders, all brought to you by the socialist Democrat ruling class who have lost their minds and forgotten what country they live in, Americans are about to get hammered like never before.  But where is the pushback?  Where is the resistance to tyranny?  When will rampant government corruption be fully exposed for all to see?

At least one person is saying NO!  He summed it up in a message to a couple of state legislators regarding a proposed bill to raise property taxes.  He said and we quote:

“So let me understand what you are trying to do with this House Bill.  You want to raise property taxes even though thousands are out of work due to the virus situation.  You want to raise taxes even though millions have been spent on the homeless and nothing has improved.  You want to raise taxes even though the minimum wage has increased and instead of helping, many restaurants have gone out of business.  So instead of raising income levels, many are now without jobs.  You want to increase taxes while inflation is showing its ugly head, with fuel prices increasing every day.  By the way, how is it that electric powered vehicles do not pay any road tax, and to add insult they get a tax credit?  So you want to increase property taxes while small businesses can hardly keep their doors open.  A local bakery, nearly one hundred years in business, just closed their doors.  You want to increase property taxes even though you have allowed thugs to take over part of a major city, all the while  supporting de-funding the police.  This is insanity at its peak.  Raising taxes is the easy thing to do, cutting costs takes much more skill and commitment. Taxes are bleeding us dry and it is time to say NO MORE.”


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Re: Conservatives Had Better Learn How To Start Saying “No!”
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2021, 12:39:38 PM »
Conservatives DO say "no" to higher taxes when they can.

There's a reason why the inner cities are filled with parasitic racialist maggot hordes and not taxpayers.

The taxpayers used their feet to reject urban taxes.

There's reason why millionaires moved out of New York and into Floriduh!.    Taxes.

And the Rodents were happy to see the New Yorkers go.   NY is now a one-party state with a philandering mass murderer as governor.
The GOP is not the party leadership.  The GOP is the party MEMBERSHIP.   The members need to kick the leaders out if they leaders are going the wrong way.  No coddling allowed.