Author Topic: What body language study tells us about Joe, Kamala, and Juan Williams  (Read 57 times)

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April 3, 2021
What body language study tells us about Joe, Kamala, and Juan Williams
By Marion DS Dreyfus

We're all spending good lifetime hours watching the likes of Democrat operatives: the three, President Joe Biden; V.P. Kamala Harris, pseudo-black personage  who infuses every right-shoulder TV shot populated by Scranton Joe; and the longtime Fox TV cohost of The Five for umpteen years, Juan Williams.

All can start a conflagration in  those not of the Democrat persuasion.  To watch them is to lose one's lunch.  Or to lose your blood as it boils merrily into the clammy ether of your lockdown apartment or home.

Their body language gives us a clue as to how accurate or honest their public appearances are.

President Joe doesn't appear often, but when he does, it's usually to opine on maskery, stay-in-ery, don't-go-near-anyone-ery.

Joe rarely if ever answers a question yelled out from the peanut gallery of White House press corps stenographers.  If it's a question he can hear as he shuffles out on muffled feet, he'll grace the rabble assembled with a "no" or, rarer still, a "yes."  Shuffle off, left.

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