Author Topic: Buttigieg: ‘We’re Not Asking for High Taxes’ — We’re Asking Corporations and Wealthy ‘Pay Their Fair  (Read 149 times)

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Buttigieg: ‘We’re Not Asking for High Taxes’ — We’re Asking Corporations and Wealthy ‘Pay Their Fair Share’

Trent Baker 1 Apr 2021

In a Thursday interview on MSNBC’s “Stephanie Ruhle Reports,” Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg discussed President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

Host Stephanie Ruhle asked Buttigieg if he is “prepared” for Republicans to run against the tax hike being necessary to pay for the massive plan.

Buttigieg advised that the Biden administration is “not asking for high taxes” but rather corporations and the wealthy “pay their fair share.” He argued the tax hike is “wildly popular among the American people.”

“If they want to play politics around a leveling out of the tax code that’s fair for corporations and the wealthy, let’s go for it because the truth is, again, Republicans and Democrats, maybe not always in Washington but around the country, agree that we need a fairer tax code, that this makes the plan better, not worse,” Buttigieg told Ruhle. “By the way, we’re not asking for high taxes. We’re asking for a normal expectation that corporations and the wealthy will pay their fair share so that we all as a country can have good infrastructure that’s going to create millions of jobs and unlock opportunity for everyone. This is wildly popular among the American people. It’s going to be good politics because it’s good policy.”

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As all the sane people know, corporations do not pay a dime in taxes. 

They past the cost burdens on to the consumers.

Corporate taxes are hidden taxes on the middle class.

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Did the cupcake have a smile on his face when he said this?

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