Author Topic: Here Are Some of the Most Outrageous Line Items In Biden’s $2.2T ‘Infrastructure’ Bill  (Read 163 times)

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Here Are Some of the Most Outrageous Line Items In Biden’s $2.2T ‘Infrastructure’ Bill

by Jonathan Davis

President Joe Biden has introduced a gargantuan spending bill ostensibly aimed at shoring up and expanding America’s crumbling infrastructure, but as usual, there are a lot of things in the measure completely unrelated to ‘infrastructure.’

To be sure, the measure would spend hundreds of billions on roads, bridges, airports, and so forth. In fact, a Washington Post analysis found that the bill earmarks $650 billion for those kinds of projects.

But again, that’s just $650 billion out of $2.2 trillion. So — if this is an ‘infrastructure’ spending bill, where is the other two-thirds of the money (that we don’t have) going?

Breitbart News broke most of the bill down but here are some of the more outrageous line items:

— $400 billion toward expanding access to quality, affordable home- or community-based care for aging relatives and people with disabilities.

— $213 billion to produce, preserve, and retrofit more than two million affordable and sustainable places to live (and we know who will and who won’t ‘qualify’ for these homes, don’t we?)

— $174 billion to win the electric vehicle market

— $80 billion to address Amtrak’s repair backlog; modernize the high traffic Northeast Corridor; improve existing corridors and connect new city pairs (when will we learn that train travel as Amtrak does it is obsolete? Now bullet trains, that’s something else)

— $56 billion in grants and low-cost flexible loans to states, Tribes, territories, and disadvantaged communities across the country

— $50 billion to create a new office at the Department of Commerce dedicated to monitoring domestic industrial capacity (obviously multi-year funding but $50 billion for a new agency?)

— $48 billion in American workforce development infrastructure and worker protection (huh?)

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None of that is Constitutional....and 50 gigabucks to "monitor" industrial infrastructure?   Reminds me of that commercial where the mall cop monitors a theft and informs the victim that a robbery has happened...
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