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A Cult of Victimhood
« on: March 31, 2021, 09:04:00 AM »
March 31, 2021
A Cult of Victimhood
By Jon Henchen

Founded in 1923, the Frankfurt School, a philosophical and sociological movement with the aim of developing Marxist studies in Germany that operated out of Goethe University in Frankfurt. After the Nazi takeover in 1933, the Frankfurt School relocated to Columbia University in New York City.

The influence of the Frankfurt School has been far reaching, with Critical Theory their primary focus, which has a preoccupation for critiquing modernity and capitalist society.  Unable to attract converts to communism due to capitalism’s abundant material wealth, the cultural Marxism of Critical Theory perpetuates discontent by dividing people by race, sex, and class with individuals falling into either oppressed or oppressor roles.  Students of the movement became the New Left radicals of the 1960s, led by the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and its militant offshoot, the Weather Underground. The mainspring of the movement was opposition to the Vietnam War, but they were also focused on racism, police brutality, economic injustice, authority, and the belief that America was an oppressive country that exploited other nations and its own oppressed classes.

The students of the 60s are now professors at our universities, expounding on the teachings of the Frankfurt School, disseminating these race, class, and sex theories throughout academia. Now these theories are being pushed heavily into the workforce.  Small and midsized companies often times not having Human Resources (HR) departments, focus on hiring the best qualified person for a job while larger companies with expansive HR departments heavily push identity politics agendas.  It is commonplace for HR staff to have educational backgrounds heavily weighted in the social sciences, which are deeply indoctrinated in leftist ideology biases.

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Re: A Cult of Victimhood
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2021, 10:29:54 AM »
I'm wondering about what will happen in 30-50 years times when whites are not in the majority. Already there are many cities and some states (California, Texas) where non-Hispanic whites are in the minority.
How can you claim to be an oppressed minority when you're in the majority?
Nevertheless, although I won't be around, I would bet that in fifty years the usual suspects will still claim to be oppressed/victims.