Author Topic: When a Hate Crime Isn’t Really a Hate Crime  (Read 39 times)

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When a Hate Crime Isn’t Really a Hate Crime
« on: March 30, 2021, 08:02:38 PM »
When a Hate Crime Isn’t Really a Hate Crime

The New York Times reported on March 22 that the recent mass murder of eight in Atlanta, which included six women victims of Asian descent, “touched off calls to stop hate crimes against Asian-Americans, which have been rising during the pandemic.” In fact, it hasn’t yet been established that this was a hate crime targeting Asians. The tragic irony is that anti-Asian hate crimes, often perpetrated against seniors, have been “rising” for a full year now, but it took a murderer who perhaps wasn’t even targeting Asians in particular to shine the spotlight on the issue. And it’s an issue that the media—including the Times—has no particular interest in shining the light on too brightly, because that would cause them, and others, to experience discomfort.
I haven’t yet been able to identify a single anti-Asian hate crime committed by a Trump supporter, despite the Democrats’ insistence that Trump-loving racists are the main perpetrators. What I did discover, however, was something the media refuses to report. Consistent with the U.S. Bureau of Justice data that was compiled until 2018—Asians are now lumped into the “other” category, a suspicious decision that merits investigation—black males are the main perpetrators of the pandemic’s anti-Asian hate crimes, and there’re videos supporting this claim that the media isn’t going to show you. The media’s problem is that, under the current progressive definition of racism, blacks can’t be racists because, as a group, they have no power. Since reporting that black males are committing race-based violence against another minority group runs counter to this narrative, the media finesses it by not mentioning the race of the assailant if he’s black.

It’s not racist to point out who’s committing these hate crimes—data can’t be racist. Anti-Asian hate crimes were up by about 150 percent in 2020, so it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed head-on, not danced around. ...

Taking that 150% figure at face value, how much has violent crime increased in general. IOW, how much is anti-Asian violence greater than the "background noise" in general? Two other similar and relevant questions, how much has anti-Jewish and anti-white violence increased (I doubt the latter is tracked because the targets are totally un-PC).

IMO, it's time for hatred to be stigmatized generally (with the normal allowance for Hitler-Stalin-Mao type monsters) rather than trying to divide and sub-divide the the degree of stigma by people's skin color.
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