Author Topic: COVID: Remember how we segregated smokers? It could be a lot worse for the unvaccinated  (Read 67 times)

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COVID: Remember how we segregated smokers? It could be a lot worse for the unvaccinated

A majority of Americans don't want to be around unvaccinated people. But keeping the two groups separate could be as tough as it is messy.

Scott Craven
Opinion contributor

Anyone who is older than they care to admit remembers the time when smoking not only was expected, but welcome outside the small designated areas designed to corral and shame those within.

Smokers and non-smokers mingled easily in offices, hospitals and bars — wherever people tended to gather in clumps large and small. That all changed when science determined the hazardous chemicals within smoke withered the lungs of all who inhaled it.

Non-smokers insisted on social distancing from smokers, the kind requiring physical barriers.

For those too young to have ever boarded a plane divided into smoking and non-smoking sections — apparently airborne particulates could do what no 3-year-old could, stay in their area — you’ll soon experience what it was like as the vaccinated and non-vaccinated mix in greater numbers.

The divide between the two is already emerging.

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This is ridiculous. By this fall, there will be several new mostly survivable influenza viruses - as happens every year - and no one will be getting Covid anymore.
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