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FNC’s Carlson: No One at CNN Cares About George Floyd — They Care About ‘You and Your Role in the Systemic Racism’

Jeff Poor 30 Mar 2021

On Monday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson offered his theory as to why CNN and other media outlets covered all the tedious details of the Derek Chauvin trial, which began earlier in the day.

Carlson speculated CNN wasn’t concerned about George Floyd, Chauvin’s alleged victim, but was instead seeking to hype racial aspects of the trial.

He also compared media coverage to the Chauvin proceedings to a recent D.C. carjacking and tied it to the so-called Defund the Police movement.

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I've read various reports about the cause of Floyd's death from the "professionals" one which said that there was no evidence of lung/neck damage and one from the Hennepin county medical examiner who said it was a contributing cause among other factors including Floyd's dangerous drug level and bad heart.
So what was it? How can they rule it a homicide when they've officially stated that Floyd had a lethal level of drugs (fentanyl) in his system and a very bad heart.
The maneuver was a legal use by the police until this incident. I would guess they've used it in the past to subdue unruly arrestees like Floyd. If any of them died from the maneuver, wouldn't that have been reported previously?
Did Floyd resist arrest? Unequivocally yes.
Was he in a highly agitated, possibly in a deranged state of mind at the time of the incident. Again, yes.
Was Chauvin's neck hold legal at the time? Yes.
So how could they rule it murder of any degree?