Author Topic: New Poll Is Setting off All the Alarm Bells for the GOP if They Continue Down the Establishment Path  (Read 162 times)

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New Poll Is Setting off All the Alarm Bells for the GOP if They Continue Down the Establishment Path
By Nick Arama | Feb 21, 2021 9:15 PM ET

It appears that some Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are hoping that they can distance themselves from President Donald Trump and/or that he’ll ride off quietly into the sunset.

But what they’re missing in all this is why people support Trump to begin with. Because here was someone finally responding frankly to them who did in fact, govern by putting America and Americans first. He didn’t govern like someone trying to preserve his own power, otherwise he would have made all kinds of concessions in the face of the constant blistering attack on him throughout his presidency. He governed like someone who actually wanted to get things done and indeed he did that, building one heck of a banging economy through tax reform and deregulation. And, with the help of McConnell. getting a raft of more constitutionally oriented judges confirmed. It’s actually amazing that he was able to do what he did with the constant efforts against him, even including within his own admistration from the permanent bureaucratic set.

So perhaps the results of a new poll are not at all surprising. But they are something of which McConnell and the establishment Republicans should take close note.

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In an article today, columnist and author Kurt Schlichter defined what's coming in the clearest of terms:

"The GOP is in the midst of a civil war to determine if it’s going to be the party of normal people who want freedom and prosperity, or return to being the party of donor-suckling corporate shills carefully overseeing our country’s descent into ruin."

Here's the full article from Schlichter, who lays out the top candidates for the 2024 Presidential race...he labels them as "squishy" and "non-squishy". Good stuff!
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And McTurtle and the GOP establishment response to the poll? [img][/img

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