Author Topic: Merrick Garland vows to fight discrimination, domestic extremism as attorney general  (Read 197 times)

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Merrick Garland vows to fight discrimination, domestic extremism as attorney general
By Dominick Mastrangelo - 02/21/21 07:46 AM EST

Merrick Garland, President Biden's pick for attorney general, is vowing to see that the Justice Department root out domestic political extremism and fight discrimination in the criminal justice system if confirmed by the Senate.

"It is a fitting time to reaffirm that the role of the Attorney General is to serve the Rule of Law and to ensure equal justice under the law," Garland will say as part of his prepared remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. "And it is a fitting time to recognize the more than 115,000 career employees of the Department and its law enforcement agencies, and their commitment to serve the cause of justice and protect the safety of our communities." 

The former judge to the U.S. Court of Appeals, whose confirmation hearings before the panel begin this week, has faced intense pressure from progressives to prosecute President Trump and his associates for alleged crimes while committed before and during his time in office.

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We may be in for four years of hell as Chinese spies run amuck & drugs and illegal gangs pour across the border but at least we'll be safe from the white supremacists.

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Except for discrimination against east Asians, south Asians, Jews, white males, theologically conservative Christians, political conservatives ... .
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Garland will be on a 4 year vendetta against the GOP and conservatives for "stealing" his SCOTUS seat.
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Garland will be on a 4 year vendetta against the GOP and conservatives for "stealing" his SCOTUS seat.

Something he would have done for a lifetime if the Illegal Alien from Kenya had succeeded in appointing him, even without the opposition to him by McConnell in 2016.

Rodents gotta Rodent, after all.  He wouldn't have been nominated to the court if he'd had integrity.
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As bad a taste as the name "McConnell" leaves in my mouth, he sure did the right thing by keeping this guy off the High Court back in 2016...

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Merrick Garland vows to fight discrimination, domestic extremism

Democrats love to speak in opposites to waylay the unwary.  Replace fight with magnify.

Merrick Garland vows to magnify discrimination, domestic extremism.  Is far more likely!

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