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BREAKING: New Democrat Bill Would Force All States To Count Ballots Received Over 10 Days After An Election

byJonathan Davis

A number of astute conservative political observers said after of the 2020 election that if Democrats captured a majority in Congress and their man in the White House, the party would codify in federal law voting rules implemented by officials and courts in key battleground states critics say handed Joe Biden his victory.

It appears that their prediction was spot-on.

A new bill called the “For The People Act of 2021” contains a cleverly written provision that prevents Congress from passing legislation in the future that would prevent states from passing laws against the counting of ballots received more than 10 days after Election Day.

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Unconstitutional, and states that fought it could probably at least get an injunction before the 2022 election.
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So when a Rodent "wins" the election on Election Night, the Americans have to get out and print up as many ballots as they can and get them in the mail the next day.    They should remember to wear gloves, use a damp sponge to seal the envelope, and scribble something illegible, like Mickey Obama or Creepy Joe on the ballot since the Rodents reject the concept of signature verification.

The Rodents want their own rules, we should play by them, right?
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How quickly they forget, the democrats during the election changed rules by the minute.  Looks like they are trying to get an early start on conning us.

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I've never seen someone who won a contest fair and square turn around and try so hard to change the rules.
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