Author Topic: Andrew Weissmann: ‘Things Are Heating Up’ in Manhattan DA’s Case Against Trump  (Read 167 times)

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Andrew Weissmann: ‘Things Are Heating Up’ in Manhattan DA’s Case Against Trump

Pam Key 18 Feb 2021

Andrew Weissmann, the lead prosecutor for former special counsel Robert Mueller, said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” that Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance recently hiring ex-prosecutor Mark Pomerantz to help him investigate former President Donald Trump means “things are heating up.”

Weissmann said, “Mike Pomeranz is very well known. He is a lion of the w, criminal defense bar. It’s not so much he had a career as a great prosecutor. He was the criminal chief in the Southern District of New York at the same time I was the criminal chief in the Eastern District of New York, but he has had an incredible career in the last couple decades as a white-collar defense lawyer. I think this is really smart, Cy Vance. What you want on your team is somebody who has the chops to know where are the holes, were are the gaps in your case. As well as he has the experience to put the case together. He’s not someone who is going to make a name for himself. Although he may not be known to your viewers, he’s somebody who has a glittering resume, and he’s not doing this to make a name for himself. He’s doing this to make a case. I don’t think he’d be leaving a lucrative private practice if this was something that was not going to go anywhere.”

He added, “I think for your viewers, they should really view this as things are heating up. You now have somebody on the team who is just superb.”
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Shampeachment 2.0 failed, so the Dems' lawfare against Trump has moved to another arena. Trump needs to have Dem lawfare harassers investigated for a RICO conspiracy.
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