Author Topic: Trump Now The ‘Mayor’ Of Mar-A-Lago, Lawyer Claims In Bid To Let Him Live There  (Read 156 times)

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Well, at least he, Melania and Baron have a place to live, for now.  It really is unsettling that so many people could hate a man who did nothing more then try to save this Republic.  Unbelievable.

Trump Now The ‘Mayor’ Of Mar-A-Lago, Lawyer Claims In Bid To Let Him Live There

Donald Trump’s new role as a hybrid property manager and social director at his Palm Beach resort essentially makes him a “bona fide employee” of Mar-a-Lago and qualifies him to live there, a lawyer for the former president argued Tuesday.

“This guy, as he wanders the property, is like the mayor of the town of Mar-a-Lago, if you will,” John Marion told the Palm Beach, Florida, Town Council. “He’s always present, he’s ever-present. And he loves it there. And he loves the people that he sees there.”

Trump has been living in the four-room, two-bath “owner’s suite” in the 126-room estate since leaving the White House last month, despite promising in 1993 that he would not if the town let him convert it from a residence into a members-only tennis and pool club.

Some neighbors and others in the town had complained that Trump was violating his agreement. Reginald Stambaugh, a lawyer representing next-door neighbors, said the town should enforce the terms of the deal by revoking the special use permit for the club and turning it back into a residence. “And then the former president and his family could live there,” he said.

Philip Johnston, a lawyer representing the group Preserve Palm Beach, said that Trump’s residence clearly violates the agreement and that Trump basing his post-presidential office there will bring problems for the town. “We feel that this issue threatens to make Mar-a-Lago into a permanent beacon to his more rabid, lawless supporters,” Johnston said.

But Marion pointed to the town’s zoning rules, which permit a business to serve as a residence for some employees who need to be there. He said Trump does everything from evaluating employees’ performance to attending events held there to greeting guests to suggesting improvements to the club’s operation to recommending candidates for membership.

The council took no formal action Tuesday and did not offer any indication on whether it might. Council President Maggie Zeidman, however, cited Town Attorney John Randolph’s concurrence with Marion’s opinion on the zoning rule exception. “It appears to me that Mr. Trump … has met the criteria for bona fide employee, and it seems that there is nothing therefore that would prohibit him from living in the owner’s suite at Mar-a-Lago,” she said............
GOD Bless America, have mercy upon this country and stop the evil that has a stranglehold on our Republic from prevailing.