Author Topic: In the Middle of a Pandemic, San Francisco NIMBYs Sue To Stop a New Hospital From Being Built  (Read 45 times)

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In the Middle of a Pandemic, San Francisco NIMBYs Sue To Stop a New Hospital From Being Built

Neighborhood activists in San Francisco are suing to stop the University of California, San Francisco's (UCSF) plans for an ambitious expansion of the medical center at its Parnassus Heights campus, which would include a new hospital and housing for students and staff.

These neighborhood groups argue in three separate lawsuits that the University California Board of Regents, the governing body of the UC system, failed to properly consider the serious impacts UCSF's planned expansion would have on housing demand, traffic, air quality, and aesthetics in the surrounding area when it approved those plans last month.

One of these lawsuits—filed Friday in the California Superior Court of Alameda County by the Parnassus Neighborhood Coalition and Haight-Asbury resident Calvin Welch—argues that a 2,100-page environmental impact report on UCSF's Parnassus expansion should be thrown out, and another analysis be performed that more closely examines the project's impacts.

UCSF is among the best hospitals in the western US. But for medical care from UCSF my immediate family would be one member fewer.
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