Author Topic: Hillary Clinton Calls For Total War On Trump Supporters  (Read 73 times)

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Hillary Clinton Calls For Total War On Trump Supporters
« on: January 12, 2021, 10:46:59 AM »
Chris Donaldson
Posted January 12, 2021

The national campaign to make President Trump toxic and demonize all who voted for him as white supremacists and domestic terrorists got a major boost from Hillary Clinton.

The embittered sore loser of the 2016 election whose infamous "basket of deplorables" remark cost her dearly with white voters in the Rust Belt states called for the tracking and censorship of Trump supporters, an ominous signal of the authoritarianism of the incoming Biden regime.

Along with the entire media, crooked Hillary was quick to exploit the mass hysteria over last week's chaos in Washington D.C. when attendees of a rally against election fraud along with Antifa provocateurs briefly occupied the Capitol.

The "storming" of the building where Americans are sold out on a daily basis for pennies on the dollar was not only a perfect excuse to destroy Trump but to also do so to the 70+ million who voted for him, the overwhelming number of who did not invade the Capitol.

In a Washington Post editorial, Clinton said that didn't go far enough and like the other fascists of the left, cloaked her call for tyranny in the guise of racial justice giving such un-American proposals the appearance of moral superiority.

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