Author Topic: Kevin McCarthy Tells House GOP Trump Said He Bears Some Responsibility for Capitol Riot  (Read 130 times)

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Kevin McCarthy Tells House GOP Trump Said He Bears Some Responsibility for Capitol Riot

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said during a call with House Republicans Monday night that President Donald Trump told him he bears some of the responsibility for the Washington, DC riots.

A source with knowledge of the matter confirmed to Breitbart News regarding McCarthy’s conversation with House Republicans.

The subsequent chaos from the Capitol building riots led to calls for Trump’s ouster from both Republicans and Democrats.

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What all this reflects is the lackluster leadership of Traitor Joe.  Using the word leadership in the same sentence with that traitor is worse than an oxymoron. 

Traitor Joe's empty rhetoric of unifying the country is just that.  Empty of all substance, devoid of truth, which should come as no surprise for he never speaks the truth.  As a chronic liar, perhaps pathological liar, he just can't help himself.

There will be no unity.  These idiot Dems will let Rome burn while they think of a 100 ways to scorn Trump and his followers. 

I will repeat what I said before about Romney.  He decried the attack and defined it as a rebellion.  I say again, if it were a rebellion, he would not have survived to talk about it.  I would not want to see Americans brought to a rebellion.  It would make the French Revolution look tame by comparison.

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