Author Topic: Lieu: Republican Members of Congress Who ‘Incited Insurrection’ Should Be Prosecuted  (Read 73 times)

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Lieu: Republican Members of Congress Who ‘Incited Insurrection’ Should Be Prosecuted

Pam Key 11 Jan 2021

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) said Monday on CNN’s “The Lead” that any members of Congress who are found after an investigation to have “incited” the deadly riots at Capital Hill should be prosecuted.

Anchor Jake Tapper asked, “Congresswoman Cori Bush says she will introduce a resolution to expel House members who voted to overturn election votes. That’s more than two-thirds of the House Republican members. Congressman Tom Malinowski introduced a resolution t0 specifically censure Congressman Mo Brooks, who directly incited the crowd. What do you think is the appropriate response to your colleagues who were involved one way or another?”

Lieu said, “I support both Representatives Cori Bush and Tom Malinowski and their efforts. I also note incitement to insurrection is a federal crime. So anyone who incites insurrection should be investigated and prosecuted. No one is above the law, not the president and not members of Congress. So I hope federal prosecutors and the FBI are looking at what some of these Republican members of Congress did to have January 6th happen.”

He continued, “I think there should be an investigation of what some members of Congress did, and depending on what they did, I believe if they incited insurrection, they should be prosecuted.”

Tapper asked, “When you say an investigation, you mean by the House Ethics Committee, you mean by the FBI? Who are you talking about?”

Lieu said, “Both the House should investigate some of these Republican members as well as federal law enforcement.”
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Okay, Ted. That would be none of them.
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