Author Topic: ‘We’re Such Imbeciles’: House Democrat Fears Backlash over Impeachment  (Read 97 times)

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‘We’re Such Imbeciles’: House Democrat Fears Backlash over Impeachment

Sean Moran 11 Jan 2021

One anonymous House Democrat said Monday that he or she fears a backlash from House Republicans over Democrats’ move to impeach President Donald Trump.

As House Democrats move toward impeaching President Donald Trump over his alleged incitement of Trump supporters to protest the certification of the 2020 presidential election, one anonymous House Democrat fears that Republicans may weaponize impeachment against soon-to-be President Joe Biden. Politico‘s report follows as some pro-Trump Republicans continue to consider using impeachment as a way to get revenge against Biden.

“Republicans will figure this out. … It will be their favorite new tool. We’re such imbeciles. We never think about the consequences. It’s going to be like: Game on. Let’s impeach [Biden] 12 times in a week,” the House Democrat, who is opposed to impeachment, said.

Other Democrats, including members of the bipartisan Problems Solvers Caucus, fear that impeachment may lead to more chaos and turn Trump into a martyr.

Members from the Problem Solvers Caucus prefer censuring Trump instead of impeaching him, but reportedly Democrat leaders believe that censure is an insufficient response.

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Don't be a dumbass, Anonymous Democrat Congressman.  Stand up to Loony Pelosi and vote "No."

It's that simple.
December 11, 2020:  "Government of the people, by the people and for the people has finally perished from the Earth."
I will NOT comply.
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At the very start of the impeachment process, it was Trump does not have the right to rule, only a democrat has the right to rule. and for almost 5 years this has been the ruthless lies and deceits of the democrat agendas to impeach.  This is a hard strict rule of Communist rule, in your face, right out in the open.  It's lock steppers everywhere march with blinders on, FANATICALLY devoted to marching this march.  As often and as strictly as it is applied even here, how does it go unnoticed here ?
There are none so blinded as those so willfully blind.  So the unflinching lockstep from strict marching orders goes lockstepping on.  It is the new template in America politics, Hitler like socialist marching for a One World/Third world Reich.  Nazi Soros forced with World Communist backing.
Lynch Trump for inciting a riot while ignoring democrats being in bed with rioters for 6-8 months of rioting and far worse destruction.  They now want to lynch far more than Trump.  Feel like a Jewish German  of last century yet ?  Give up your guns and feel what they went through, maybe worse.
These are historic times, whose side are you/have you joined ? ? ?  REALLY!

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