Author Topic: This Republican Who Stabbed Trump in the Back Got Stumped By One Question  (Read 119 times)

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This Republican Who Stabbed Trump in the Back Got Stumped By One Question

As Donald Trump fights to stop the steal he is facing treachery from within his own party.

But now the Never Trumpers are in for some bad news.

And this Republican who stabbed Trump In the back got stumped by one question.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger took part in one of the dirtiest political tricks in recent memory.

Someone leaked an audio recording of a phone call between President Trump, his advisors, Raffensperger and his lawyer where the President simply asked Raffensperger to do his job and honestly count the voters in Georgia.
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He is akin to Ethel and Julius Rosenberg who leaked the atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets, and were later executed for treason at the electric chair at Sing Sing.

I hope Raffensperger meets the same fate.  But since electric chairs are out of vogue, I'll take a firing squad.
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Five single-sentence "paragraphs", didn't make any point ... No clicks for you!
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