Author Topic: eBullet Brings Richer Realism To Army Training; No More Laser Tag  (Read 120 times)

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 eBullet Brings Richer Realism To Army Training; No More Laser Tag

A new training network will simulate the effects of weapons — from mortars and grenades to, potentially, germ warfare — and tell troops if they’re “killed” or “wounded,” then play the whole exercise back for AI analysis. One Army engineer told us: “We’ve never been able to train this stuff, never.”
By   Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on November 30, 2020 at 1:27 PM

WASHINGTON: For 40 years, US soldiers have trained using a militarized form of laser tag, called MILES. Those days are drawing to an end. The Army replacement, called eBullet, calculates true ballistic flight paths to within a seventeenth of a degree and allows for a much greater array of weapons to be simulated.

The new system superimposes simulated trajectories, explosive blasts, and other virtual effects on real-world terrain, adjusts for real-world weather factors like wind and temperature, and electronically notifies soldiers whether they’re been “killed” or “wounded.”

The new system promises much greater realism since real bullets don’t behave like beams of light, which follow perfectly flat trajectories and can’t penetrate smoke, tents, or even leaves. And it can simulate a much wider array of weapons than MILES.
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