Author Topic: Air Force improves 'human performance' metrics in Special Warfare training  (Read 125 times)

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Air Force improves 'human performance' metrics in Special Warfare training
The strategy focuses on physical conditioning, mental focus and nutrition
By Kris Osborn | Warrior Maven

Rescuing hostages under enemy fire, jumping out of planes into “hot” combat zones, rappelling from helicopters down into rough seas or conducting high-risk clandestine reconnaissance missions in enemy territory … are all missions Air Force Special Warfare forces are expected to perform.

The idea is of course to not merely “perform” a mission of this kind but rather “excel” at the highest attainable human performance level to optimize lethality, mental acuity and physical strength, among other things. Such goals are of course the focus of the Air Force’s Special Warfare Training Wing, a unit which is now making a more decided push to emphasize, refine and massively enhance “human performance.”

“We take care of our aircraft in a comprehensive way and now we are looking more human weapons systems as well, exploring how we fuel the body and perform better to be elite,” Lt. Col. Shawnee Williams, commander, Air Force Special Warfare Human Performance Squadron, told reporters during a special event.
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