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GVSU's Veteran Promise - We'll Save You a Spot



Veteran Promise
We'll Save You a Spot

If you’re a 2021 graduating Michigan high school senior and you’ve enlisted in the military, we have a groundbreaking way of saying ‘thank you.’ It’s the GVSU Veteran Promise and we’re the first and only university in the country to reward your military service this way.

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GVSU is the Only University to Offer this Program in the U.S.
All Enlisted 2021 Michigan High School Graduates Are Eligible
No Obligation or Cost to Participate

Introducing the GVSU Veteran Promise

If you have committed to serving our country for at least two years and are a 2021 Michigan high school graduate, we offer pre-approved admission to Grand Valley State University deferred until you’re ready. Your willingness to make a commitment to your country means something, and the least we can do is to eliminate the worry about being accepted to college.

There is no obligation or cost to participate and no pre-enrollment necessary. Your admission to Grand Valley is granted and reserved once you’re ready to begin.

View our frequently asked questions page for more details.


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