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Waiting for Sidney ...By Roger Kimball
« on: November 22, 2020, 11:05:47 AM »
Waiting for Sidney

The pressure to make these allegations disappear is enormous. Where is the evidence?
By Roger Kimball

November 21, 2020

So what is the state of play regarding the 2020 presidential election? There seem to be two main positions.

One is that Joe Biden won the election, narrowly but with sufficient latitude that any challenge is bootless. A corollary of that contention is that the adults in the room, be they Republicans or Democrats, should get with the program and accede to the Narrative.

Over the past week or so, I have had many Republican friends—including some sympathetic to President Trump—explain that the fight is essentially over. Some acknowledge the political wisdom of Trump pursuing every legal recourse. Yet the assumption is always the same: the game is lost but, like a transmission from a distant galaxy, the news has not yet reached us. “To preserve our democracy,” both Left and Right say, we will soon need to draw a line under the election of 2020 and declare Joe Biden the winner.

If you are a Democratic mouthpiece—i.e., if you are a spokesman for the mainstream media—then you think (or at least you say) that Trump’s refusal to concede is “damaging democracy” and isn’t it just the kind of bad behavior you would expect of a man of “bad character” who should never have been president in the first place? Those on the Right, many of them, want or at least are willing to let the “process” play out but in their heart-of-hearts they have already conceded and are calculating how they might turn this unfortunate situation to their advantage.

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Re: Waiting for Sidney ...By Roger Kimball
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She asked me name my foe then. I said the need within some men to fight and kill their brothers without thought of Love or God. Ken Hensley

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Re: Waiting for Sidney ...By Roger Kimball
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