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After Insulting Trump Voters For Years, NYT Writer Complains Reaching Out To Them Is A ‘Waste Of Time’

A New York Times contributor complained that those who voted for President Donald Trump this election refuse to have “productive conversations” with him. Unsurprisingly, it turns out this same writer has spent the better part of the last year insulting and mischaracterizing the very type of person he claims to have attempted to “reach out” to.

New York Times contributor and self-proclaimed member of his own “resistance,” Wajahat Ali, wrote an article published Thursday in which he explained these efforts to “reach out” were not actually listening or having conversations with Trump supporters, but offers to give politically-charged speeches to audiences in red states. He lamented these efforts were made impossible because many Trump voters have accepted the president as “an extension of their id, their culture, their values, their greed.”

Why in Hades would I want to give time to an A-hole who hates me and will willingly lie about anything I said? To be clear, this has been my attitude for 2 or 3 decades, with the passage of time hardening it.
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In short nutzo libs want to be able to lecture conservative Republicans about how racist and vile we are.
So, of course, we should accede to their demands, and just stand/sit there and take it? I don't think so.
I sincerely doubt Mr. A**hat Ali has ever conducted a conversation with anybody to the right of Stalin.

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