Author Topic: Justice Amy Coney Barrett left an important clue concerning an electoral fraud ruling  (Read 27 times)

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November 19, 2020
Justice Amy Coney Barrett left an important clue concerning an electoral fraud ruling
By Robert Arvay

In a Senate hearing, Senator Kamala Harris demonstrated a twofold ploy of dishonesty while attempting to trap Judge (now Justice) Amy Coney Barrett in a trick question.  See if you can quickly pick out the two ploys in the following short video clip: 

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Barrett quickly caught the first ploy and responded masterfully.  She responded that Harris had led with two easy questions THAT had obvious answers and then used them to falsely transition into a loaded question about climate change, which made the incorrect assumption that man-caused climate change is a settled fact.  It was as incongruous as if Harris had asked, can you ride a horse?  Can you ride a mule?  Can you, therefore of course, fly a jet airplane? 

The second blatant dishonesty from Harris was at the end of the clip, when she concluded that Barrett has made it clear that Barrett considers climate change a debatable issue.  Here, when there was no time to clarify, Barrett might have otherwise been able to say, "No, that is not at all what I said.  I did not say that I personally am decided, or undecided, about climate change.  I said the public considers it controversial.  What I said about my personal opinion is that I cannot publicly comment on whatever my opinion is until I am called upon to rule in a matter where that question would apply to a case before me."

Such an answer would, in my view, have been consistent with Barrett's other statements to the committee.  Her responses to Harris also allow us to draw inferences as to Barrett's thinking when it comes to issues of fraud in the election process.

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