Author Topic: Dan Farley: Arizona Was Stripped of Election Protections  (Read 112 times)

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Re: Dan Farley: Arizona Was Stripped of Election Protections
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I still find it fascinating that in Arizona -- where there was a biden rally and literally NO ONE came -- that he could still win the state.

That suggests two possible causes to me:
1. The leftist/democrat-communists built an effective "underground election apparatus" that worked and successfully threw the election to them by fraud
2. That "the candidate really doesn't matter any more" -- in other words, an increasingly-large cohort of "the voters" will vote for ANY democrat-communist candidate regardless of whether he/she appeals to them, or not. In essence, the old "political machine" of the eastern cities, "gone large" -- large enough to win the entire state.

Then again, remember Mitt Romney's "slip of the tongue" about "the 47%" back in 2012. It ain't 2012 no mo', and it ain't 47% no mo', either. It's more than that now, perhaps breaking 50...

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