Author Topic: Trumpism won, despite election results: Devine By Miranda Devine  (Read 26 times)

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 Trumpism won, despite election results: Devine

By Miranda Devine

November 15, 2020 | 10:08pm | Updated

You just had to see the enthusiastic cheer of tens of thousands of pro-Trump protesters who flocked to Washington, DC, over the weekend to understand it doesn’t really matter what the final electoral vote tally is: Trumpism has won.

For four years, Donald Trump was written off, attacked, spied upon, lied about and impeached, and yet, after all that, just by standing firm for traditional American values, he increased his vote by 10 million.

More than 73 million free-thinking Americans refused to be intimidated, tricked or shamed out of voting for Trump. They saw through four years of lies about Russia collusion, golden showers in Moscow hotels, corruption in Ukraine, “suckers and losers,” and “white supremacists.”

Even if, as seems probable, Joe Biden ends up living in the White House, and inviting his son Hunter to dinner with new business prospects from China, the corrupt bipartisan globalist establishment is not back in the ascendancy.

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