Author Topic: Liberals View Government As Charity... Derek Hunter  (Read 22 times)

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Liberals View Government As Charity... Derek Hunter
« on: November 16, 2020, 11:17:30 AM »
Liberals View Government As Charity
Derek Hunter
Posted: Nov 16, 2020 12:01 AM

Something always struck me as odd about liberals – their love of high taxes. I always thought it had to do with their desire to punish successful people, something deeply rooted in jealousy. Over time, however, I came to realize it was something more, something deeper and deeply flawed in their understanding of the world and the idea of the concept of liberty. Democrats view government as the center of life and the giver of all good things. And that doesn’t come for free.

The other day, billionaire Mark Cuban tweeted something normal people would find uncontroversial, but since it’s 2020 and liberals exist, caused blowback from the “tolerant” left.

First, I should point out the ungodly sum of money spent on elections this year, particularly in Senate races. In South Carolina and Kentucky alone, Democrats spent $200 million. Cuban pointed out, in reference to the upcoming run-off elections in Georgia, that maybe people should consider using some of the money they’d be inclined to spend there on helping their fellow Americans.

Cuban tweeted, “For those considering donating to Reps or Dems in the Georgia Senate run-offs, can you please re-consider and donate that money to your local foodbank and organizations that can help those without food or shelter? Lets (sic) put Americans in need above Politics.”

Who could be upset by that? Turns out, a lot of people.

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