Author Topic: Donald Trump is the only legitimate ‘President-Elect’  (Read 43 times)

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Donald Trump is the only legitimate ‘President-Elect’
« on: November 15, 2020, 11:48:45 AM »
November 15, 2020
Donald Trump is the only legitimate ‘President-Elect’
By David Solway

As the greatest electoral drama in American history continues to play itself out, the media syndicate, the mammoth platforms and the fictive fact-checkers keep assuring us that there is no evidence of voter fraud, and that all claims to the contrary are “disputed.” Nothing to see here, move on. Not so. There is everything to see here, stay put. Even a cursory review of electoral events indicates that a monumental swindle is in progress.

    Trump’s rallies attracted between 25,000 to 50,000 people. Biden’s rallies routinely featured twenty or so vehicles in a car park. That alone tells us that Biden was never in the game.
    Biden’s vote total apparently exceeded Barack Obama’s. The prospect of this happening is approximately nil—another clear example of electoral contraband.
    Copyright EMAIL patent holder and MIT alumnus Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai clarifies the unscrupulous means whereby voting machine codes were manipulated for Biden. Voting machines were clearly calibrated to reduce Trump’s and inflate Biden’s vote count. Dominion Voting Systems is a case in point. The Trump team estimates the Dominion Systems deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide, including 221,000 Pennsylvania Trump votes switched to Biden and 941,000 Trump votes deleted. Given the vast extent of the deception, these numbers do not seem implausible. @ChanelRion @OANN
    Dominion is used in at least 30 states, including key battlegrounds like Georgia.
    Whistleblowers have come forward, pointing to extensive vote manipulation in Biden’s favor.
    It is common knowledge that fraud has been perpetrated by sundry illegitimate means aside from electronic systems, including multiple voting, ballot harvesting, illegal voting, miscounting, deceased voting, and so on. There’s a rather good joke making the rounds. The Pope is sure to canonize Biden for raising the dead.
    The election deadline was invalidly extended by as much as three days to accommodate late-arriving votes, as in Pennsylvania. These votes, suddenly and magically favoring Biden by an enormous factor, were never vetted.
    Republican scrutineers were illegally prevented from observing vote tallying operations.
    States like Georgia are reluctant or unwilling to allow by-hand recounts attended by observers. Why? The evidence of a colossal hoax in process is unmistakable. Georgia State law stipulates: Counting of ballots at tabulating centers and precincts are open to the public (Code of Georgia § 21-2-483(b)). • Post-election audits are open to the public (Code of Georgia § 21-2-498). • Recounts are open to the public (Rule 183-1-15-.03). The law is being flagrantly violated.

As Biden is fond of saying, C’mon man.

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Re: Donald Trump is the only legitimate ‘President-Elect’
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