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Pratt & Whitney chooses lower-cost North Carolina -- not Connecticut -- to build a $650 million manufacturing plant

Pratt & Whitney will build a 1-million square foot manufacturing plant in low-cost North Carolina, investing about $650 million and creating 800 jobs through 2027, the jet engine manufacturer and state officials have announced.

Pratt & Whitney did not approach Connecticut as a possible site for expansion, said a spokesman for the Department of Economic and Community Development. Commissioner David Lehman said Raytheon Technologies has advised the state the project will not affect jobs in Connecticut.

“We have a strong and active partnership with Pratt & Whitney and its parent Raytheon Technologies Corp,'' Lehman said Monday.

If CN pols and bureaucrats don't recognize this as a way for P & W to gradually shift new projects out of CN and gradually let CN work die out as older projects come to a close, they're as great fools as I think they are.
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Propitious timing.

Nice going P&W!
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