Author Topic: Axios Admits Joe Biden Gets No Scrutiny and Then Everything Goes Off the Rails  (Read 37 times)

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Axios Admits Joe Biden Gets No Scrutiny and Then Everything Goes Off the Rails

Every once in a while, you run across a headline that is so shockingly honest, it’s startling.  Axios revealed it is not just those on the right who see the glaring media bias in favor of one of the presidential candidates. Given the events of the last 36 hours, it seems even more relevant.

“Joe Biden is the luckiest, least scrutinized frontrunner,” sits atop of the Axios post as if it’s a revelation rather than par for the course. Shortly after it was published, the whole world saw that scrutiny of Joe Biden is actually not allowed. The Axios article was posted shortly before an explosive report from the New York Post regarding Hunter Biden’s Ukraine business activities. While the Post story was circulating, Joe Biden’s campaign called a press lid for the day at 10:00 a.m.
Before the firestorm, Axios noted a whole host of ways the Biden campaign has escaped without having to undergo any real vetting. The authors noted:

* Since August 31st, Biden has answered 365 questions from the press as compared to President Trump’s 753

* Biden went almost three months without taking questions from reporters

* The Democrat nominee has gotten off without providing solid answers on numerous policy issues, including:
  >>>>  Court packing
  >>>>  Medicare for All
  >>>>  Funding for law enforcement
  >>>>  Defense spending
  >>>>  Fracking and the Green New Deal
  >>>>  Reparations
US Coronavirus timeline:,395099.msg2169385.html#msg2169385

China Coronavirus timeline:,395099.msg2184146.html#msg2184146

Achhhhh ... ssss ... sss ... I HATES Clicksbaitsesssssss!

Think of the Press as Democratic Operatives with Bylines and it All Makes Sense - Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit blog

Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn't know because they might reflect badly on Democrats. - Jim Treacher

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The coverup by the media is criminal. 

There is no doubt in my mind the Biden Crime Family has made a lifetime effort of grifting everyone in their path.  China is no threat, China is not a competitor, so sayeth a man that is nothing more than a highly compensated puppet for China.

Jeff Dunham's Walter is less of a puppet.

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