Author Topic: Savannah Guthrie disrespected the president at last night's town hall  (Read 21 times)

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October 16, 2020
Savannah Guthrie disrespected the president at last night's town hall
By E. Jeffrey Ludwig

On Thursday night, President Donald J. Trump arrived to participate in a town hall on NBC with questions from a variety of voters, some undecided, some committed to Joe Biden, and others who had voted for him in 2016 and planned to do so again.  The hostess for the latest series of questions from the public was Savannah Guthrie.  Instead of being a mature and reasonable facilitator of the encounter between the president and the public, Guthrie revealed herself as an updated Queen of Hearts right out of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland.

Who is the Queen of Hearts?  She is not as concerned with public issues and understanding policies as she is with absolute rule and execution.  The Queen has been defined in three ways. First, she is a force of fear even though she is only a playing card perpetually shouting "Off with his head!" to various citizens of her kingdom.  Second, she actually does not execute anyone when she shouts "off with his head," because her King finds ways to commute her sentences.  And third, the Queen reveals that Wonderland is devoid of substance.

President Trump, like Alice before him, refused to prostrate himself before NBC's outrageous queen.  Just as Alice looked the Queen directly in the eye, our president looked straight at Guthrie and answered her vehement and extended vituperations and criticisms.  He did not backpedal, backtrack, hem and haw, equivocate, dissemble, evade, or distort.  He explained his views as though he were talking to an informed, temperate, and reasonable individual.

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