Author Topic: Donald Trump: Biden Family ‘Corrupt as Hell’ for Pursuing Deals in China  (Read 14 times)

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Charlie Spiering 15 Oct 2020

President Donald Trump criticized former Vice President Joe Biden at a campaign rally in North Carolina on Thursday afternoon for allowing his son, Hunter, to pursue deals with China.

He warned that Hunter’s foreign interests would mean his father, Joe Biden, would never hold China accountable for allowing the coronavirus to spread across the world.

“Biden is not going to make them pay. No. He’s going to get cash. They paid his son a lot of money. What’s he going to do? … That’s like common sense,” Trump said. “Look at the money they’ve taken out of China. I tell you what. He really is, he’s a corrupt politician.”

The president referred to a new story in the New York Post revealing emails from Hunter Biden to corporate interests in China, pursuing a $10 million salary for “introductions alone” and a “MUCH MORE LASTING AND LUCRATIVE ARRANGEMENT,” which he referred to as “much more interesting to me and my family.”

“Yesterday, we learned from newly released emails, and I want to thank the New York Post for showing real bravery, that Joe Biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement with his son’s corrupt business dealings,” Trump said.

The president cited the new reports as further proof that Vice President Joe Biden was lying when he said he never discussed Hunter’s deals with foreign countries.

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