Author Topic: Democrat MANIAC Chuck Schumer Just RUINED The Entire Democrat Party After Everyone Sees Who He “Day  (Read 147 times)

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 Democrat MANIAC Chuck Schumer Just RUINED The Entire Democrat Party After Everyone Sees Who He “Day Drinks” With Almost Daily
It’s really no secret that many of our elected officials are hardcore alcoholics and are getting paid big bucks to do absolutely nothing. John Boehner is a full blown drunk. He’s gone, thank God.

Ted Kennedy was a complete drunk. Pelosi, Hillary and ton’s of these idiots are freaking drunken, medicated, overpaid worthless garbage.

But when you add George Soros to the mix then you have a big problem.

It seems that Soros’ son, Alex Soros, has made his debut on the political circuit by meeting with and getting drunk with prominent liberal leaders in the middle of the freaking day!

We hateful right wing crackpots support the 2nd Amendment, our immigration laws, our Constitution, the rule of actual law, a neutral view of race and "gender" (whatever that is), fair and open elections, economic growth, enforcement or repeal of existing laws, moral clarity, America first, truth, justice and the American way.

The sanctimonious left doesn't.

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Dim voters don't give a damn if he has drunken sex with Soros,never mind just drinks with him.

The only sex they disapprove of sex by beautiful women with Bad Orange Man.
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The Democratic Party has declared war on America.

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