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Hiker wrote:
"It's hard to imagine the army or police force against an armed citizenry as large as this could get."

I can imagine it.

When the "gun recovery teams" come a knockin' at your door, what are you gonna do?
Gonna shoot back at 'em?
You know what that means if you do.

Individual gun owners aren't going to be able to fight back against the confiscators.
Nor are militia groups. They'll get the National Guard or U.S. Army sic'ed on 'em, pronto.

The only way the Second Amendment will be preserved in the traditional-freedom states will be if the governors and legislatures of such states take a position in favor of it. And even one or two of those states may not be enough.

If -- no, when -- the communists become ascendant in D.C, it will be time for a "New Continental Congress" with representatives from all the traditional-freedom states to convene and discuss the way forward.

Like the first one did, about 250 years ago...

No, it will be too damned late by then.
Time for unity in America! (better late than never)

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Old Keith gettin' his armchair Stalin on...
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Keith Olbermann: ‘Trump and his supporters must be prosecuted, convicted and removed from our society’

Also known as the Final Solution.

If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power.

-Dwight Eisenhower-

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Nazi talk is in Olbermann's DNA.

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Also known as the Final Solution.
It's just like the Bill Ayers plan from 50 years ago to have reeducation camps for those who wouldn't accept his grand and glorious Marxist plan for America - and kill the most troublesome.
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Thomas Jeffereson spoke of spilling blood for freedom.  I am afraid the radical Democommies are wanting to have their black shirt anarchists bring us to that point.  But the people of the USA are by no means the Jews of Europe in the 30s and 40s.

If the Dems were to win, and attempt to end the 2nd amendment, they would not get that ratified by the states.  Just not going to happen.  And if the black shirt anarchists decide to scour the land, killing anyone in their path, robbing households, etc, they are in for a world of hurt.

Guns and ammo have been selling like hot cakes.  America is arming itself for that eventuality.  If the black shirts begin their attack, they will get slaughtered.  Yes, they will kill good people, but the moment the nonsense begins, everyone will be armed to the teeth and ready.  Anyone that kicks down the door of anyone in my neighborhood will meet their maker quickly.  Police in the streets have not been shooting these maggots, but when they start breaking into homes, they will end up dead, and quick. 

I consider myself a non violent person, but I think we do need to purge this country of the crazies.  Just too many anarchists, communists and nutjobs running around.
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