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John Nolte 10 Oct 2020

Without discussing it with one of the two presidential campaigns, the corrupt Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) decided the second debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden would be a virtual debate.

Of course, the presidential campaign left out of this discussion was the Republican presidential campaign, Trump’s presidential campaign. Even though…

By October 15, the scheduled date of the second debate, Trump would have been many days beyond the 10 to 14 day recommended quarantine period after contracting the coronavirus.

But rather than “listen to the science,” the corrupt CPD decided to aid and abet Joe Biden’s desire to sit on his polling lead and not jeopardize it with a live debate.

Then, as if to prove how truly corrupt they are, the CPD canceled rather than rescheduled the second debate for a later time — you know, a time when the debate could be an in-person with no qualms whatsoever.

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By October 15, the scheduled date of the second debate, Trump would have been many days beyond the 10 to 14 day recommended quarantine period after contracting the coronavirus.

Like vaccines, an effective treatment for nCov-19 is a political disaster for the Dems, both because it lessens fear and because they all prove the Trump Administration was acting decisively in the months the Dems claim Trump wasted. So despite "the science", despite Trump being active again, Biden and his Abettors need to deny Trump's recovery.
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This "second debate skirmish" fiasco was over the one thing they won't admit.  It was all about having a mute button on Trump's microphone.

COVID-19 had nothing to do with it, nor Scully's taint.  The press and Biteme wanted that "Shut-Up" switch, and Trump's team knows it.

ETA:  No word on what they'll pull for the "debate" scheduled for 10/22.
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I wouldn't be surprised to see Mr. Scully withdraw from being moderator (if the debate he was to be in still eventually takes place).

The "Commission on Presidential Debates" needs to go away and not be heard from again.
Let the two parties negotiate directly on the terms of the debates, if there are to be any.

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