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The administration has announced reforms of the H-1B visa-worker program to help American graduates get many of the U.S. jobs that Fortune 500 CEOs are now giving to compliant and cheap foreign graduates.

“This is a truly huge announcement … with a tremendous positive impact for American workers and our economy,” said Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The regulations will be posted as soon as October 6 and will go into effect by October 8.

For example, officials said, the Labor Department will require H-1B workers to be paid at least 45 percent of the prevailing wage levels, sharply up from the 17 percent level in current rules.

The rule will also target the H-1B staffing industry, for example, by setting a one-year term for H-1Bs imported by staffing companies. “The vast majority will be rejected,” predicted one official.

The article is long, but well worth the read.

DAY ONE, Trump's campaign promise was to end the H1-b Visa Program.  As this article points out, the combined numbers of foreigners taking jobs away from USA citizens totals in the millions.  Months after taking office, Trump met with the tech billionaire oligarchs, and flip flopped, literally increasing the number of H1-b Visa recipients.

So now, when it appears he is throwing the sink in to get re-elected, he has bureaucrats come up with this bogus regulations, which will have almost no impact, a few thousand perhaps at best.  The Indians that have poured in will stay, and millions more will continue to come, working at what many Americans would consider slave wages, all the while Americans stand empty handed, because they think they have rights to be treated properly.

TRUMP LOST MY VOTE ON THIS SINGLE ISSUE.  HE IS THE DAMN SWAMP, EVERY BIT AS MUCH AS BIDEN, CLINTON, OR OBAMA.  His rhetoric during his campaigns about making America great again was just that, empty rhetoric.  I could not be more disgusted, for I was a staunch Trump supporter, but this is a major insult.
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