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Biden advantage? Here’s what market analysts are saying about a chaotic presidential debate

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All of our equities but one are up.


--- Quote from: Cyber Liberty on September 30, 2020, 10:46:52 AM ---At the moment, the DJIA is up almost 400.  I would not call that "flat." :shrug:

--- End quote ---

Earlier I saw 200.  And this era, any movement + or - 1% ...  I call flat.

Evening update: our portfolio today is now greater than it was a year ago, pre-Covid. There was a little dip in March, then it more than recovered. DJIA was up 2.02% today; NASDAQ up 0.74%. Gold was down $12.30 to $1,890.90.

October 1, 2020  8:08 PM
Updated 10 minutes ago
Wall Street set for dive after Trump gets coronavirus
By Tom Arnold, Elizabeth Howcroft

LONDON (Reuters) - Wall Street was set for a heavy tumble on Friday as news that U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife had tested positive for coronavirus just four weeks before U.S. elections sent investors into safer gold, Treasuries and the yen. ...

Markets will have other news to digest with monthly U.S. jobs data due at 1230 GMT, but Trump’s exposure could cause a new wave of market volatility if it looks like disrupting in any way the presidential election, which is just 33 days away. ...

@Cyber Liberty

Of all the financial terms used the one I dislike is “dead cat bounce”


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