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Do Democrats Really Believe Biden Is Winning?

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--- Quote from: Fishrrman on September 21, 2020, 08:07:49 PM ---I Sailed wrote:
"Even dim-witted Dems know Biden has lost it."

I'm not willing to agree with that yet (as much as I'd like to).
There's simply too much that can happen between now and election day -- just look at the last 4 days for an example.

We also must accept that Biden has at least 40% of the voting populace that will blindly "vote democrat", regardless of who the candidate happens to be, and who probably don't comprehend that when they "vote democrat", they're really voting "socialist-communist".

I want to see what the respected polls are saying after October 20th or so.
If they're lookin' good by then, I'll feel a bit more confident.
If Mr. Trump can get his Supreme Court pick confirmed by October 31st, then I'll feel considerably more confident.

But... until then... the political atmosphere out there is just too nebulous to see through it clearly...

--- End quote ---

I don't think we can get comfortable at any stage of this election -- NEVER EVER underestimate that underhandedness of the DEMS.  NEVER.


--- Quote from: Free Vulcan on September 21, 2020, 08:50:40 PM ---Aggregate of polls shows Biden about 6 points ahead for the last week or two.

Hillary was polling a double digit lead late October last cycle.

Joe is not winning.

--- End quote ---
No he’s not winning.

But this AM I heard rat mail in ballots are running 17 to 1 to republican ones. Whether it’s true or not  you can easily see what the rats have in store election night.

Earlier today, Real Clear Politics, hardly a lefty site, published the following, derived
from the most current national poll numbers of Rasmussen, Gallup, WSJ, and Zogby.
With 6 weeks to go, the consensus Electoral College Vote, w/no tossup States, is:
* Biden:   353 votes (66%),
* Trump:  185 votes (34%).


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