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The truth about California’s ‘climate apocalypse’


The truth about California’s ‘climate apocalypse’
Paul Homewood

WITH massive wildfires raging in California and other western states, it has not taken long for climate change to get the blame. The Los Angeles Times calls it California’s climate apocalypse, while the state’s Governor Gavin Newsom and other Democrat politicians have no doubt that climate change is to blame.

Renowned environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, however, disagrees. Writing in Forbes, he says that wildfires used to be much worse prior to European settlement. So far this year, he explains, 2million acres has burned in California, but the best available science suggests that between 4.4million and 12million acres burned annually there before the arrival of Europeans.

‘California was a very smoky place historically,’ says Malcolm North of the US Forest Survey. ‘Even though we’re seeing area burned that is off-the-charts, it’s still probably less than what used to be burned before Europeans arrived.’


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