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Mayor de Blasio’s only real achievement is now under threat


 Mayor de Blasio’s only real achievement is now under threat

By Steve Cuozzo

September 19, 2020 | 11:57am
Despite a very long list of failings, Mayor de Blasio has been surprisingly good on real-estate development — rezoning underdeveloped neighborhoods and even Midtown.
New Yorkers who loathe Mayor de Blasio’s “progressive” shtick, indifference to quality of life and hostility to profit-making might have been flummoxed over his celebration of new skyscraper One Vanderbilt this past week.

Damn if he didn’t sound like a card-carrying capitalist when he cut the tower’s ribbon with a sword. He thanked developer SL Green for putting up “an extraordinary building” and reminded the crowd that he was proud to have been at the groundbreaking four years ago.

This seemed awfully peculiar from a mayor driven by a bias toward poorer New Yorkers and disaffection for the “rich.” But for all our mayor’s egregious failings — budget-bloating, sabotage of the NYPD, and wretched “management” of schools, homelessness and child-support services — de Blasio was often a surprisingly decent steward of the city’s real-estate agenda.


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