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Walmart increasing pay for 165,000 hourly workers


Walmart increasing pay for 165,000 hourly workers
By John Bowden - 09/17/20 05:19 PM EDT

almart announced a series of pay raises for its associates across the chain's U.S. stores on Thursday,

In a post on the company's website, COO Dacona Smith said that about 165,000 workers would receive pay raises as the company increases its minimum wage for positions including some grocery associates as well as some that work in auto care.

The change means many workers will see their wages raised from $11 per hour to at least $15 per hour, with most employees affected by the raises receiving "a base pay increase of $1 or more per hour," according to Smith.

Pay increases for hourly positions will take the place of scheduled quarterly bonuses, according to the company.

Raises will "become part of [employees'] base pay going forward, offering more predictability and more pay in their hourly wages."


That's their junior workers, around 11% of their total US workforce. The rest of their employees get nada.


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