Author Topic: Left-wing ‘Nation’ Laments: ‘Biden Republicans’ Are Voting for Trump  (Read 40 times)

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Joel B. Pollak 16 Sep 2020

Democrats hoped that Republican defections from President Donald Trump would help former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 election, but an article in The Nation observes that Trump is consolidating support, even from “Biden Republicans.”

National affairs correspondent Jeet Heer noted in an article titled “Biden Republicans Are a Political Illusion”:

    In late August, Rahm Emanuel, chief of staff under President Barack Obama as well as onetime mayor of Chicago, declared, “This will be the year of the Biden Republican.” Emanuel was describing the hope that the Democratic Party would convert enough hardcore partisans to fundamentally realign American politics. Just as Reagan Democrats helped the Republicans dominate American politics in the 1980s, so Biden Republicans could help usher in a new era. To that end, much of the Democratic National Convention was tailored to please Republicans more than Democrats, with plenty of speeches by past and present Republicans like Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg, John Kasich, and Cindy McCain. Progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were marginalized. This stood in contrast to the Republican convention, which was aimed not at outreach but at bolstering the party’s Trumpist identity, with all the adult children of the president speaking.


    Enough time has gone by since the convention that we can safely say that the Republican message was more successful.


    Trump is succeeding in consolidating Republican support behind him, while the Democratic pitch to Republican voters hasn’t gained any traction. Republicans who are skeptical of Trump are returning to the fold, while Democrats aren’t winning new converts.

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Biden Republicans were a common reality until Dem cities became became paralyzed by violence and nihilism.

This has always been a lesser of two evils election for many.  The uncouth devil we know may be safer than the devils the Dems seem prepared to unleash,  which threaten the civil fabric.
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And there's the clarion call, 6 weeks out. Morse couldn't have telegraphed it any better.

The media facade is starting to crumble because they know this is a real race and not a shoe-in for Old Sniffy.
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